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Academy Courses - Instructor Information

The Wisconsin Academy is a place for people to connect with experts and learn from each other. We believe that ideas move the world forward. Academy Courses Instructors play an important role in helping us fulfill our mission to create a better world by connecting Wisconsin people and ideas.

Academy Courses offer instruction through a supportive and engaging learning environment. These courses are taught by experienced teachers who are actively working in their field and whose work has been acknowledged and recognized (publication, exhibition, awards, etc.). Courses are non-credit and coursework is not graded.

Academy Courses are designed to bring together people across generations, geographies, and backgrounds. Some may be hobbyists while others may have professional goals for their creative work.

We look for Academy Courses Instructors who:

  • share our guiding values: curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and civil discourse.
  • provide specific perspectives and engaging approaches to their craft and the creative life.
  • reflect diverse cultural backgrounds with inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist values.
  • are able to navigate challenging conversations about craft, creativity, identity, and culture while respecting their learners’ lived experiences.

To submit a course proposal, send an email to Operations Manager Matt Rezin with the requested materials below. If you aren't ready to submit a proposal you can send an informal email about your course idea.

Academy Course Proposals should include:
^ Click for template ^

  • Instructor bio and photo
  • Instructor resume or CV
  • Course title
  • Brief course description (100 words max)
  • Class duration and preferred dates
  • Course goals
  • Required or recommended materials

Instructor Compensation
You’ll receive payment after completion of the course. Academy Courses Instructors are paid 50% of the received course fees. We require a minimum of 6 students enrolled to run a course (though you have the option of teaching the course with fewer students if you choose); our maximum number of students is 20-25, but varies depending on the type of course offered. Academy Courses Instructors are independent contractors and the academy does not deduct taxes from compensation.

Course Cancellations
If we do not reach the minimum enrollment 7 days before the class begins, it is cancelled, and the instructor receives no compensation. To help avoid this we encourage instructors to be active partners with us in promoting their courses via their websites, mailing lists, and other appropriate networks.

Student Registration
Academy staff will enroll students in your class and they will receive a confirmation letter with class details via email. Academy Courses Instructors will be provided with a roster of registered students.

Required Texts & Handouts
You may not require students to purchase books you have written. Required texts should be few in number and readily available online, in bookstores, and in libraries. You may link to external resources or upload files for students to read online. Academy Courses Instructors are expected to understand and comply with laws regarding the use of copyright-protected material in their courses.

When you teach an Academy Course, you agree to not teach similar classes elsewhere during the time your course is scheduled with the Wisconsin Academy. This does not apply to classes elsewhere that are not related to the one you are teaching for the Wisconsin Academy. If you’re teaching the same content elsewhere, please be mindful of how this is likely to affect our ability to promote your course as a unique offering (especially if price points for the same class are different across organizations).

Promotion of Non-Academy Programs and Services
We understand that instructors may offer private services, and/or teach at other organizations. We’re happy to include your website address in your Teaching Artist bio. Feel free to respond to student inquiries about your services and other classes, but please do not use class time to promote your services, books, or classes you teach privately or at other organizations.


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