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From the Director

When does the pursuit of scientific inquiry become an act of advocacy? 

Seeing things through a thoughtful perspective, exploring an imaginary world, or savoring a potent phrase all create space to think, reflect, and, yes, escape.

Floods, droughts, out-of-control fires: Are we willing to see and accept what the bigger picture shows us?

What does promise does the American Dream hold in a highly fragmented society?

Why cut funding for programs that help rural and urban communities cultivate creativity as well as jobs? 

While it can’t predict what will happen this year, science can tell us a lot about how facts move through the human cognitive process.

How can specific investments in the knowledge economy and our creative sectors make a brighter future for Wisconsin?

When the Wisconsin Academy was founded in 1870, the American fascination with science was in full bloom. Today, not so much.

Writing is a gateway to insight and wisdom, and Wisconsin needs both these days.

When the winds of change are in the air, it’s a good idea to gather one’s extended circle—especially the wisdom-keepers and those who understand our history and how it shapes these times and the future.

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