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Editors Note

The transformative power of being recognized as a writer.

Now that I am entering my eighth year as editor of Wisconsin People & Ideas, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what this magazine means to me—and to its readers.

As a result of the legislative “drafting error” that lead to the deletion of the Wisconsin Idea from the budget, millions of people now know about it. Or do they?

Years ago, a student asked me at orientation what qualities he would need to be successful in my Freshman English class. I came up with three.

In the quest for offering limitless choice, digital marketers and programmers have enabled our retreat into a tribe of one, a singular profile to which all messages can be specifically tailored.

Wisconsin is rapidly graying. What impact will this have on our quality of life?

While many people don’t bother with visiting or posting to the comments sections of websites, these spaces—much like a town meeting or kitchen table—can be home to the kinds of thoughtful and constructive conversations that transcend cu

At first glance the title of my editorial in this issue might seem to be satirical.

The fever started during lunch at a friend’s cabin on the Wisconsin River this spring. Over sandwiches and homemade potato salad, my friend offered us an open-ended invitation to stay for a week at the cabin during the summer.

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