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Male Wood Duck, Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo by Dexter Patterson

In the heart of Wisconsin’s sprawling landscapes, my journey into the world of birding began—as did this tale of resilience, self-discovery, and the profound importance of diverse social representation in outdoor activities.

TruStage Financial Group’s new building on its west Madison campus

Wisconsin’s long been a national leader in sustainability. After all, former Gov. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970. And, in 1968, Madison became the first community in the country to offer curbside recycling.

Christina West, Untitled, 12”h x 20”w x 16”d, glazed porcelain, 2021. Photo by Jason Houge

In the world of pottery, where creativity and craftsmanship converge, some artists are not just molding and glazing their clay, but creating their own unique surface treatments.

Art and agriculture aren’t usually thought of together. Typically, they’re seen as separate as the urban and rural environments with which they’re often associated. But art and agriculture each produce fruit that sustains and enriches community.

R. Bruce Allison, left, and B. Wolfgang Hoffmann pose in front of the massive trunk of a tree in 1979. Allison and Hoffmann collaborated as author and photographer, respectively, on the book Wisconsin’s Champion Trees.

This is a story about Wisconsin’s Champion Trees Program, its rich history and encouraging revival. But first, some wisdom from a great ecologist and conservationist.

Examples of beach glass.

My attraction to nature has gotten stronger as I have gotten older.

John Hitchcock and Tom Jones in Hitchcock’s studio.

Though historically it has been difficult for contemporary Native American artists to find acceptance and inclusion within the often exclusionary world of the fine arts, Wisconsin artists are playing a prominent role in changing that.

You settle into the couch with a cup of hot tea. In a beam of light at just the right angle, you stroke the cover of your book club’s latest selection, crack the spine, take a long, deep inhale of new-book smell, and start to read.

In Wisconsin, like elsewhere, bee populations are declining. There are many causes...

An oak opening, late August, in the Marlin Johnson Prairie in Waukesha County.

Within days of the prescribed burn in April, the forbs and grasses of the Marlin Johnson Prairie emerged and began hardening, greening. 

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