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I guess you didn't get my letter, since youdied before I put it in the mail.But maybe that's OK—I mean, whatwas left to say anyway? Confession (I neverenjoyed hunting, or peeing in public)?

In cold darkness    calling from tree to treeLaughing at    our foolish dreamsCrooning love    in a long lost keyFeathers at once    oil slick and tricksterSwitchblade beaks

How morning can be transalpine

How the vestiges of summer are falling

How the window can be empty and still

How the curtain isn't moving

How the bed curtails movement 


How fear can be found

A good number of Wisconsinites, it is fair to assume, are unfamiliar with the Bark River in southeast Wisconsin.

Algebra textbooks are something I’ve tried hard to avoid since high school.

Richard E. Carter is a geographer, aviator, naturalist, essayist, and poet whose life path has led from a career in city planning back into the natural world. His writing invites readers to share his vision and adventures.

While independent bookshops are shuttering all over the country, the bookstore at 315 West Gorham Street in Madison has kept its doors open for over 21 years. However, during this time the bookstore has gone by a few different names.

What to do when long-lost friends from Jerusalem—an ultra-orthodox couple named Shoshana and Yerucham (formerly known as Lauren and Mark)—pay a visit twenty years after finding God in the Holy Land, only to end up insulting your family.

When we first meet Henry Skrimshander, one of the charming-but-flawed characters in Chad Harbach’s debut novel, The Art of Fielding, he is a scrawny hayseed.

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