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From the Director

Spring emerges and we can’t help but have a lighter step, feel encouraged as color brightens the landscape, and enjoy moments lingering outside. I am particularly grateful to be a part of the Academy this spring.

Often when we go through transitions, we discover that with the new reality comes a reinforcement of our core principles or values. As fall has arrived, my focus has been on change—in my personal life and at the Academy.

A key focus of mine over the past year has been outreach and relationship building across Wisconsin. As I have been meeting people around the state, I have had many conversations about what matters to them and what they value in the Academy.

Finding common values, making connections, and fostering collaboration are at the heart of our work at the Academy.

Every election, my parents would joke about how their votes would cancel each other’s out. They agreed to disagree and there were some topics my parents did not debate.

Recently, I have been hearing a lot about resilience, the invaluable quality that is essential to maintaining daily life during times of crisis and which is also the underpinning of great achievements.

Executive Director Erika Monroe-Kane

I step enthusiastically into the Academy Executive Director role at a time of guarded optimism and cautious dreaming.

Taking time for reflection and re-examination

Photo of Jane Elder in front of Academy offices

A ten-year journey carrying the vision forward comes to an end.

Photo of Jane Elder in front of Academy offices

Finding the right lever to pull at the right time can result in big change.

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