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You settle into the couch with a cup of hot tea. In a beam of light at just the right angle, you stroke the cover of your book club’s latest selection, crack the spine, take a long, deep inhale of new-book smell, and start to read.

In Wisconsin, like elsewhere, bee populations are declining. There are many causes...

An oak opening, late August, in the Marlin Johnson Prairie in Waukesha County.

Within days of the prescribed burn in April, the forbs and grasses of the Marlin Johnson Prairie emerged and began hardening, greening. 

A scientist in a lab coat and gloves uses a pipette

Three public health experts in Wisconsin provide invigorating insights as they share their experiences working on Covid-related research.

“Forward” by Marjorie Kreilick. Located in the Milwaukee State Office Building. Photo: Eric Vogel

I’ve accepted the idea that art and architecture are one and the same… anything you call separately as art, whether it be sculpture, or painting, or mosaic, or any other form of expression, it must be an integrated part of the whole.

Wandy Peralta of Branches and Berries Farm in Wisconsin's Driftless Area partners with the Savanna Institute to educate farmers about food safety in agroforestry systems.

Although this year is off to an unusually dry start, it is likely to stand out as an anomaly among the wetter and warmer years that are forecast to come.

Lake Superior's South Shore. Photo by Hope McLeod

The creative sector of Northern Wisconsin, prior to the pandemic, was supported primarily by visitors searching for escape and enchantment.

A good death means finding peace at the end of one’s life, and it is part of the beauty of the full cycle of life, something to strive for, for ourselves and for those we love.

Thwaites (right) and a colleague digging a test pit in search of drift north of Bonduel, July 17, 1928. Image courtesy Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

In much of the state, these rocks are hidden from view, covered by a deposit called “drift.”  Understanding the nature and source of drift was one of the first strands of our landscape web that nineteenth century geologists needed to untangle.

Spray paint cans in car trunk

Milwaukee muralist Aisha Valentín vividly remembers the first time she picked up a can of spray paint.

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