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Fellows Forum

Academy Fellow and atmospheric scientist Steve Ackerman shares the story of how the era of weather satellites began here in Wisconsin—and how we can use satellite technology to address climate change.

Wisconsin Academy Fellow and UW Odyssey Project director Emily Auerbach sees the transformative power of the humanities in her life and work.

International Crane Foundation director and Academy Fellow George Archibald shares the stories of two populations of endangered Siberian Cranes, the white Asian cousin to our Whooping Cranes that were extirpated in Wisconsin by uncontrolled hunting.

Academy Fellow and Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson outlines how the court system is taking notice of those persons who come into contact with the criminal justice system—even though taking notice is not an easy process when practices are steeped in tradition and long-standing beliefs.

We are in the middle of a crisis. Yet, many of us don't even know it," says Wisconsin Academy Fellow and criminal justice reform advocate Sister Esther Heffernan.

An interview with Wisconsin Academy Fellow and long-time arts educator Barbara Brown Lee reveals a life lived in art.

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