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A campaign speech by presidential candidate John F. Kennedy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Field House. Reprinted by permission of Wisconsin Historical Society, WHI-8118

While much has been written about John F. Kennedy’s presidency, personal life, and tragic death, less is known of his 1960 primary race to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Mystery writer Jack Ritchie, 1980. Photo courtesy of Steven Reitci.

Even though he is Wisconsin’s most productive writer of short stories, you might not know about Milwaukee-born author Jack Ritchie.

Author Lisa Vihos at I.D.E.A.S. Academy with the poster made by high school students in Stuart Howland’s graphic design class.

How poetry is changing Wisconsin and the world for the better.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser holds a printed broadside of her poem Manoominike-Giizis = Ricing Moon, designed by Daniel Goscha of The Mill Paper and Book Arts to commemorate Kim’s laureateship.

An exhilarating and exhausting first year for Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser.

Blei on his own turf in Ellison Bay, Door County, standing in front of a sign welcoming—or, considering the coyote, possibly warning away—visitors to his converted chicken coop writer’s studio. Photo Credit: John Nelson

Storied Door County writer Norb Blei and his pursuit of the writer’s life.

Nickolas Butler was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

A year ago I was doing what any sane adult does on a sub-zero night in Eau Claire: sharing a plate of fried cheese curds and ordering a second round at Houligan’s.

It took about fifteen passes through a Chandler and Price 10x15 Old Style press before Daniel Goscha realized that something was wrong.

Richard E. Carter is a geographer, aviator, naturalist, essayist, and poet whose life path has led from a career in city planning back into the natural world. His writing invites readers to share his vision and adventures.

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