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2014 and 2015 have been busy year's for the Wisconsin Academy's Climate & Energy Initiative. In June of 2014, we released the Climate Forward Report in 2014, and presented its findings across the state at various conferences and meetings the following 9 months. As a precursor to the Report's release, we partnered with various organizations to host a conversation called call Resilient Wisconsin Day in May of 2014. Please visit the event pages for information, videos, and contact information:

In 2013, year one of this Initiative, the Academy highlighted some of the many promising efforts underway in the state in energy diversification, conservation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. In forums and other events we invited the public to explore the climate and energy challenges this region faces, as well as how Wisconsin innovators are playing an important role in finding practical solutions that can have wider applications. Summaries and video archives are available for the following events:


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