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Jeremi Suri

Historian / Author

  • Fellow
  • 2011
Letters, History, Public Affairs

Jeremi Suri is the E. Gordon Fox Professor of History, director of the European Union Center of Excellence, and director of the Grand Strategy Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on how global transformations like war, migration, nation-building, and mobility through higher education—all transformations Suri experienced in his lifetime—have affected history as well as contemporary American culture and policy on a global scale.

On campus Suri challenges boundaries by improving interdisciplinary problem solving with groups like the UW JASONS. Founded by Suri in 2009, the UW JASONS work with students and faculty across university disciplines to tackle problems of societal importance at state, national, or international levels. Suri often works with groups such as veteran's organizations, and provides online courses to U.S. military officers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The author of four books, including the critically acclaimed Henry Kissinger and the American Century (2007), Suri was named one of "America's Top Young Innovators" in Arts and Sciences by Smithsonian. A prolific writer and frequent public lecturer and guest on radio and television programs, Suri is recognized both in Wisconsin and nationally as an intellectual risk-taker, challenging the boundaries between disciplines and holding the university accountable in fulfilling its obligations to the public. He is not afraid to ruffle feathers—like raising questions about the allocation of athletic department resources—to ensure that institutional conservatism in some quarters doesn't allow for coasting on a good reputation.

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