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Judith Faulkner

Computer Scientist

  • Fellow
  • 2011
Science, Computer Science

The developer of a comprehensive, patient-centric electronic medical record (EMR) system and founder of Epic Systems Corporation, Judith Faulkner is recognized for her scientific and technological leadership. Her vision for health care technology is both comprehensive and simple: provide the relevant medical information when it's needed, do what's best for the patient, and help clinicians collaborate. Her innovative health information technology infrastructure allows for the implementation of workflow steps, clinical guidelines, and best-practice alerts tailored to each clinician's role in patient care while on the patient end providing information regarding prescriptions, appointments, communication with the care team, and prevention/treatment reminders. 

Epic EMR systems do away with traditional paper files and provide a single, shared patient record which can be accessed by clinical staff across all manner of health care services and, with proper consent, across different health care organizations. Given the complexity and magnitude of medical data that may be included, the technological challenge has been to develop this comprehensive infrastructure for diverse health care settings while scaling to millions of records and thousands of concurrent users who all require rapid response times. 

Independent studies have documented the positive impact of Epic technologies on the quality of clinical care and the software has led to improvements in medical research. To date, 240 health care organizations use Epic technologies to provide medical care to approximately 118 million people. This includes fourteen Wisconsin organizations that increasingly serve as the early adopters of the latest advances in Epic's health technologies. 

Faulkner has led Epic strategically and operationally to create state-of-the-art technologies that improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care across Wisconsin, the United States, and, increasingly, the world.

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