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Kelly Hilyard

  • LGS 2018
  • LGS 2021
  • PLL 2019

Kelly Hilyard is the Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Middleton, WI. Before joining city staff two years ago, she worked with local governments around the state on climate, water, and agricultural issues with the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters. Her career background includes many years working in the green building sector as a LEED AP consultant and as a landscape architect. She studied and taught organic agriculture at UC Santa Cruz and farmed for 8 years in California and Texas before moving to Madison. Hilyard holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from University of Texas-Austin and a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from University of Chicago. She defines sustainability as “well-being for all.” When she isn’t working indoors, you can find her gardening in her front yard and riding around town with her kids on a cargo bike.

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