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Kenn Buelow

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Kenn Buelow is dairy manager and part-owner of Holsum Dairies, 2012 winner of the US Dairy Sustainability Award. The two 4,000 cow dairy operations participate in the DNR Green Tier program and maintain environmental management systems. Holsum Dairies’ view on long term sustainability is that our operations must benefit the dairy and employees, benefit the community financially and socially, positively impact the environment, maintain the welfare of our animals, and produce safe, high quality food. This is accomplished by adopting, developing, and improving numerous systems designed to work with the dairy operation, area farmers, and the environment, while considering the community.

Buelow has held positions as clinical specialist in Dairy Production Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota; owner and practitioner at Dairy Health & Production Service in Roswell, NM; resident in Food Animal Production Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and dairy veterinarian in Ridgeland, WI. He holds a BS in Physics/Math, MS in Geology/Geophysics, MS in Veterinary Science, and doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.



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