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Kenneth Bradbury


  • Fellow
  • 2024
  • Resilient Wisconsin
Conservation, Environmental Scie nce, Science, Water Resource Management

Dr. Kenneth Bradbury is a nationally recognized hydrogeologist, mentor, and coordinating force for bringing together diverse communities to advance better management of Wisconsin’s groundwater resources. His entire career was spent with the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS) where he served as Director and State Geologist for 7 years.

At the WGNHS, he also conducted numerous research projects addressing groundwater issues of concern to the citizens of Wisconsin and has used those applied research projects to make substantial contributions to the science of hydrogeology. Through his work, he has advanced understanding of the hydrogeology of fractured aquifers, aquitard hydrogeology, groundwater recharge processes, and virus transport in groundwater systems. Dr. Bradbury’s contributions to science also extend to the scientific community, where he serves as a mentor for students, young professionals, and the overall hydrogeologic community of Wisconsin.

He also serves on numerous formal committees that address the groundwater needs of the state and nation; his work on national problems is represented by the report of the committee he chaired for the National Academies on groundwater systems at regional and national scales where the case is made for the importance of conducting regional scale groundwater studies that transcend local political boundaries. Through his leadership and knowledge of hydrogeology, Dr. Bradbury has made lasting contributions to the nation’s knowledge of its essential groundwater resources.

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