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Stephen Nold

Microbial Ecologist

  • Fellow
  • 2016
Science, Microbiology, Biology, Ecology

Microbial ecologist and educator Stephen Nold is recognized for blurring the lines between original research and undergraduate education. Using the tools of discipline-based education research, he studies how classroom students learn when they perform original scientific studies. His numerous scientific articles describing diversity and activity of bacteria in nature feature undergraduate student authors, many of whom participated in projects by signing up for a university course. Nold is now working to bring the thrill of scientific investigation to non-science majors who enroll in courses for general education credit. His efforts in science education outreach helped bring the National Science Olympiad Tournament to Wisconsin. Now Chair of the Biology Department at the University of Wisconsin–Stout, Nold has been awarded research and teaching accolades, two named professorships, and was recognized by the Wisconsin Governor for his grant-writing activities.  

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