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Climate Justice & Community Resilience Summit

June 22, 2023 - 8:00am to June 23, 2023 - 2:30pm
American Family Insurance National Headquarters • • Madison
Driving Collaboration and Inclusion for a Sustainable Future
Thursday, June 22, 2023 - 8:00am to Friday, June 23, 2023 - 2:30pm


American Family Insurance National Headquarters
6000 American Pkwy
53783 Madison , WI

On June 22nd and 23rd, nearly 100 Wisconsinites joined the Wisconsin Academy and the American Family Institute for Corporate and Social Impact at the Climate Justice and Community Resilience Summit. Here attendees worked together to tackle the urgent challenges of the climate emergency. As a non-partisan convener, the Academy brought together diverse stakeholders to foster collaboration and advance sustainable solutions. This Summit built on the success of the Climate Fast Forward conference and increased input from more diverse audiences to accelerate the actions in the Climate Fast Forward Action Plan. Through interactive sessions and working groups, attendees forged authentic relationships, broadened their stakeholder network, and fostered meaningful change.

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Summit Closing Poem by Alexandria Delcourt

A Chorus of Voices
By Alexandria Delcourt

What do we think is a realistic
Time to move into actions?
A comprehensive real time,
To create new power, to expand
Visibility, to build a database
Of a thousand small victories?
As much as we want to baby
Tomorrow, it might take
a couple generations to feel
quite part of things. These things
take time that we don’t seem to have.
We’re living in extremes.
We’ve all felt it, different in degree,
Perhaps, but not in kind. A sort of
Displacement, a perennial frustration.
That progress in the past has run amok,
Suffered nihilism and solastalgia,
broken down in unhealthy soil,
contaminated the spaces in which
We live out our health sponsored
By Johnson & Johnson TM , and yet,
Here we all are, trying and talking,
Listening and collecting, mapping
And thinking, planning and hoping,
All the while knowing that more than hope,
This work must be done with courage,
Reciprocity, informed communities,
simple gardens, and resilient zones.
It takes solutions rooted in equity
to advance the work that has already
been done, but it doesn’t hurt to dream,
Either. In those dreams, there are trees
everywhere, creative people everywhere,
collaborative communities built on effervescence.
Only cattle are grazing in once brown fields,
Cornfields restored to prairies and wetlands.
The roads are paved in green, not gold.
We have looked to the histories, followed
The guidance, incorporated it into every
Sector. Our human choices are dignified,
And the planet looks the way it did
That one time when the world shut down.
We have laid our bike paths, tended
Our connections, planted the gardens
That feed our social fabric. We have thrived,
Gotten back on track, defended today.
We are strong people eating healthy food,
and all around us, friends are toasting
sesame bagels, while their grandchildren
play in the yard, laughing and kicking
their feet in their little splash pools, never
once having looked to the sky in fear.



This Summit was supported by funding from American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact

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Mandela Barnes is the 45th Lt. Governor Wisconsin – the state’s second-ever Black statewide elected official and first-ever Black Lt. Governor.

Alexandria Delcourt (Abenaki) is a fiction and poetry writer from Madison. She currently works as an Editor for LifeStory editing and writing memoirs. Her work explores the topics of travel, colonialism, otherness, belonging and identity, and family history. 

Sherrie Gruder, LEED AP, is a Distinguished Sustainable Design Specialist and Energy Strategist with UW-Madison Division of Extension.

Bob is the Director of Monroe County Land Conservation Department (LCD) in Sparta, WI, where he initially served as a Soil & Water Conservationist starting in 1989. Bob grew up in a small community called the Arches, in Winona County MN. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Resource Management and Soil Science from UW-Stevens Point.

Joe Pater is the Director of the Office of Energy Innovation at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. He started work in the energy efficiency industry in 2009 working as a project manager for Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp implementing lighting and appliance programs.

Deneine Powell, African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs, Environmental and Climate Program Director, has dedicated her career to environmental conservation, climate advocacy, equity, and justice.

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