Stitched Ground: Four Artists Embroider the Land |
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Stitched Ground: Four Artists Embroider the Land

February 23, 2010 to April 11, 2010
James Watrous Gallery • Overture Center for the Arts • Madison


Terese Agnew began her art career as a public sculptor. Her early work included huge temporary installations that engaged hundreds of people in the art making process. In 1991 Agnew began making art quilts in addition to sculpture.

My current work combines aerial photography, maps, and satellite imagery, as well as the more minute systems of the microbial world.  I enjoy the play in scale between magnified microbial life forms and remote sensing images of huge tracts of land.

A graduate of the UW's Design Studies program, Gagnon combines her photographs of manholes and exposed water mains with delicately beaded and embroidered underground pipes and conduits.


Trained as a printmaker, Niver also works in black thread on white linen, translating his sketches of stagnant pools and drainage ditches into elegantly stitched meditations.

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