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Shifting Currents

In 2003, the Wisconsin Academy’s first Waters of Wisconsin Initiative released its capstone report: Waters of Wisconsin: The Future of Our Aquatic Ecosystems. Recognizing that many of the same challenges outlined in the report still affect our waters today, the Academy revisited the 2003 recommendations in 2012, while exploring new and more complex threats to water quality, water quantity, and aquatic ecosystems. The culmination of this exploration is Shifting Currents: Progress, Setbacks, and Shifts in Policy and Practice, an update to the Academy’s 2003 Waters of Wisconsin report. Designed for use by water researchers, local government leaders, and engaged citizens alike, the Shifting Currents report is the product of three years of work with a network of leaders across many areas of expertise, with the collective goal of advancing leadership and stewardship for the waters of Wisconsin. The report reflects the Academy’s aim to foster nonpartisan, science-based strategies and solutions to safeguard Wisconsin’s freshwater ecosystems and water supply for generations to come.

The Shifting Currents report is now available in print and online. You can download a free PDF of the report on the sidebar to the right or click here to download a PDF of the eight page executive summary. Print versions of the report are now available for $20 per copy (+$5 s/h). If you have questions about the Shifting Currents report or would like to order a copy of the final report, please contact Matt Rezin or call 608-263-1692.

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