Altar boy, circa 1959 |
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Altar boy, circa 1959

Honorable Mention — 2016 Poetry Contest

Incense and extinguished candles
Scent my small-town Saturday night.
Post-benediction, our priest returns to the rectory.
Stained-glass filters church light into the dusk.
A mourning dove signals daylight’s departure.

We wait at the corner store
for the truck from the city.
Sunday’s early edition is dropped on the curb.
Despite the masthead: “Free Press”, dad hands me a quarter.
I carry the bundle into the shop
and return with our copy.

We drive toward the farm.
I’m comparing color comics to stained-glass
discovering what trouble Dick Tracy is in this week.

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Ed Werstein, Milwaukee, spent 22 years in manufacturing and the last 15 years as a workforce development professional helping job seekers. Werstein practiced writing sporadically over the years, but only recently has started to write more regularly and to submit his work to public scrutiny.

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