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Her Statement

Honorable Mention — 2016 Poetry Contest

Yesterday morning I’m pretty sure it was yesterday
I started walking along the beach toward someone who
would meet me at my destination. Where it was or
who it was I can’t remember off the top of my head.

I walked that way a hundred times before and knew
my feet would take the right path through the woods
when the rocks became too high to climb.

Near some bushes that leaned into the path I sat down
to tie my shoe. Then I saw wild raspberries growing
over my head and ate a few. They tasted so much like
lunch that I figured this must be my destination
and stayed for a long time eating and waiting.

Then night came and I heard boys shouting laughing
and cursing as they climbed the rocks. I could tell
they were not for me so I curled up and slept
on the overgrown path.

There were rustlings in the woods all around me and
once a soft tail or whisker brushed my cheek but
no one came to meet me.

In the morning I crawled back out to the beach and
sat there on a pile of rocks to watch the sun come up.
I could see its heart beating the shimmer of its giant
orange eye. My own eyes beat in time with it and
somewhat cried.

Later a woman came and said she would walk me to
the street which she did and then I went up and down
each one until I found a house that fit the key on the ledge
at the top of the door. I came inside and I was here.
And that is everything I know about what happened.

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Georgia Ressmeyer, a New York native, has lived happily in Wisconsin since 1974, first as an attorney, now as a poet. She is the third-place winner of the 2017 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

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