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Moonshot: United States

Take up
    hammer   nails   and pine
        Build   one last
            coffin   Name it

Take up
    brush   and sheet
        Paint   one last
            banner   Name them
                in red

                    Rayshard Brooks, 27
                    Atatiana Jefferson, 28
                    Stefon Clark, 22
                    Tanisha Anderson, 37
                    Breonna Taylor, 26
                    George Floyd, 46
                                            and more

Take up 
   boots   and shovel
     Heave open    the last
        iron heart   half
            a nation   not grieving.



Dominic W. Holt is a poet and social worker in Madison, Wisconsin. He holds an MFA in creative writing and an MSW in social policy from the University of Michigan, and a BS in astrophysics from Indiana University. He interned at the Michigan Quarterly Review.

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