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Shining a Light on the Writers Among Us

I love to read. I always have. My bedside table and end tables bear significant towers of books waiting to be read or in various stages of completion, books paused in a transitional place before reading resumes or they move on, shared with a friend or finding a home on my bookshelves. I love how the intimacy of reading, done alone and with the scenes envisioned in a private, personal way, mirrors the act of writing.

Championing the Letters is central to the Academy. From the rich legacy of writers recognized as Academy Fellows to our longstanding commitment to publishing contemporary works, the Academy shines a light on the brilliant writers among us. I enjoy reading the winning entries from the Poetry & Fiction contests and seeing the community of Wisconsin writers being strengthened through the Academy Courses.

I am humbled to think about the many writers across the state spending time, honing their craft, refining language and imagery, and then opening their work to readers. I am grateful for the dedication by the Academy and all the entities in Wisconsin that share this passion—the bookstores and the libraries, the presses and publications, the university programs and the writer’s organizations. Together, we are supporting, encouraging, and exploring an art and craft valued by many.

This shared focus and appreciation for the Letters is inspiring—just as I find with the shared passion and dedication in the Arts and Sciences. Finding common values, making connections, and fostering collaboration are at the heart of our work at the Academy. This is how we best thrive—together.


Erika Monroe-Kane is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters. In a range of professional settings, Monroe-Kane has distinguished herself as an innovator, collaborator, and strategic-thinker.

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