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I Hate People Who Cut in Line But

I’ve been thinking about things that skip a step
because now in late winter the snow does its subliming,
jumpstarts to vapor, says to the streams “not today.”

I thought fog was clouds coming down but this,
this is clouds disambiguating from the snow to rise
like a gesture against the dark tree meaning “Scottish weather”

or “curly hair.” Enoch and Elijah didn’t die.
Some carts work fine without a horse. Early tenure.
Half-court shot. You have to have cake before you eat it.

The high school students in my college class
are so frighteningly smart. When my youth group leader
tried to tell us her ex-fiancé had pressured her to have sex,

she said, “He wanted the honeymoon before the wedding.”
I’m not altogether sure I knew what she meant.
She married someone else. They got divorced.

“Pandemic” precedes “panic” in the dictionary.
Otherwise they do-si-do. Sometimes in nightmares
I give up. I lie down and say “Just do it. Just kill me.

Get it over with. Do it now.”


Marnie Bullock Dresser lives in Spring Green, Wisconsin with her husband and son and three cats. She taught English at UW-Richland until the campus closed. In retirement, she is writing, writing, writing, and expanding her collection of washi tape, which she loves beyond all reason.

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