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Wisconsin People & Ideas – Spring 2017

In this issue: New Birkie Museum opens, Barstow & Grand lit mag launches, the Domes achieve landmark status, and aquaponics innovator Nelson & Pade puts Monticello on the map. World class chocolate made in Spooner is on the Wisconsin Table, and we report on mosquitos and mosquito-borne disease research in Wisconsin. Fairytales and folklore fuel the art of sculptor Gerit Grimm and painter Gina Litherland, whose work is showing at the James Watrous Gallery. Essays on finding a creative community and James Zwerg, Wisconsin's Freedom Rider, complement new fiction and poetry by Wisconsin writers as well as reviews of new and interesting titles. 

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Why cut funding for programs that help rural and urban communities cultivate creativity as well as jobs? 

Let us consider the humble essay.

Rebecca Nelson always had a passion for raising fish; by the time she was ten, her family’s home was filled with aquariums. Her partner, John Pade, grew up on a dairy farm, learning a lot about livestock and agriculture.

Photo credit: The Park People of Milwaukee County

On March 22, 2017, the Washington DC-based National Trust for Historical Preservation granted “National Treasure” status to an iconic Milwaukee landmark: The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory.

America’s most-famous cross-country ski race now has its own museum.

The Barstow & Grand crew: (left to right) poetry editor Kate Hinnant, consulting editor B.J. Hollars, editor Eric Rasmussen, and prose editor Charlotte Kupsh. Photo credit: Andrea Paulseth/Volume One

Taking its name from a storied intersection in downtown Eau Claire, a new literary magazine called Barstow & Grand promises to be the perfect complement to the city’s burgeoning arts and culture scene.

Photo by Kara Vincent/karavincentart.com

A husband-and-wife team in Spooner create world-class chocolate. 

A female Aedes aegypti mosquito in the process of acquiring a blood meal from a human host. Photo credit: James Gathany/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Scientists from across the state are leading the fight against mosquito-borne disease around the world.

A "Freedom Bus" in flames, six miles southwest of Anniston, Alabama, May 14, 1961. (Birmingham Public Library/Oxford University Press)

What could a 26-year-old white guy from Indiana possibly know about the black experience in America, past or present? 

When poets and visual artists work together, they negotiate a shared language.

Gina Litherland, Bird Funeral, 2015. Oil on panel, 16 x 24 inches.

Gerit Grimm and Gina Litherland are contemporary Wisconsin artists inspired by the imaginations of long ago.

I.S. Kallick, Hope, from The Remedy of Fortune, after Machaut, 2017. Acrylic on Masonite with digital overlay, 5 x 7 inches.

Will often dreamed of falling, but never flying. Sometimes a cable would slip, or a board would snap, or his foot would step on air to tread on mere surprise.

Novelist Nickolas Butler isn’t afraid to tackle big ideas in his writing. His sophomore effort, set in and around the fictional Camp Chippewa in Northern Wisconsin, seeks to understand the weighty subject of its title: The Hearts of Men. 

My measure of a poem’s quality is often found in the question, “How did the poet think of that?” If that poem should happen to begin an entire collection that has me asking that same question again and again, well, then I know I have something...

Thomas J. Erickson’s first full-length poetry collection, The Biology of Consciousness, stopped me dead in my tracks, even before I cracked the cover. What on earth could the book or its title poem mean?

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