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Wisconsin People & Ideas - Summer 2010

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From time to time I get the feeling that I'm a little too wrapped up in Wisconsin.

Moy holds a bighead carp caught on a recent trip to Havana, Illinois, on the Illinois River near Lake Chautauqua

When we think about aquatic invasive or non-native species these days, we often think of Asian carp moving north towards the Great Lakes or zebra mussels spreading across state waterways.


Bob Skloot (back row, center-right), professor emeritus in the Theatre and Drama Department at UW-Madison, and the cast of The Magic Bottu.

Selected journal entries from a volunteer for the American Jewish World Service who brought his theater skills to India.

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This spring, the University of Wisconsin-Extension, UW Colleges, and partners sponsored a forum about community sustaina

Carter Conway presses the tip of his index finger against the point of his pencil. He lifts his desk lid to check his other pencils. "Fifth graders," he says sharply, like a teacher. "I hear chattering in this classroom.

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