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Wisconsin People & Ideas – Winter 2013

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We’re living in a time when a lot is churning, and some old assumptions about the way life is supposed to be are turning out to be less than reliable.

Artists and artisans who are preserving craft traditions like harness-making, decoy carving, blacksmithing, papermaking, weaving, and more carry knowledge accumulated from thousands of individuals over hundreds of years. And yet the accumulated...

The sand that you would find on a lake bottom or riverbed (left) differs from frac sand (right) on both an atomic and geologic scale.

As an activity that changes the land, large-scale sand mining has social as well as ecological considerations for Wisconsinites to ponder. 

While seven out of ten Americans believe climate change is real, most have a difficult time understanding how it affects them—and what they can do about it.

You can draw a lake or paint the ocean, film a rainstorm or a blizzard, sculpt the contours of a river’s path. But how can you express the essence of water?

It’s slippery.

Meet Max Garland, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for 2013-2014.

In addition to being a poet and a playwright, you are also a Civil Rights activist. How do your ideas from one realm influence another?

There’s a body at the bottom of the lake. Probably many. The way you react depends on your definition of the word natural. Probably also on your moral compass, but I can’t just start with bodies. Life is about having stories.

Michael Perry is upset. The county highway commission wants to reconfigure the patch of road near his house, making it impossible for cars to climb the hill to his home in the winter.


Margot Peters is an accomplished biographer whose many books include Unquiet Soul: A Biography of Charlotte Brontë; The House of Barrymore; Design for Living: Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne; May Sarton: Biography

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