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Wisconsin People & Ideas – Winter 2019

In this issue: Dr. Evermor gets a TV show, the Bubolz Nature Center gets a microgrid, and Cornerstone Press gets busy with three new series. We look at the grain-to-glass philosophy that infuses the spirts at 45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond and take a ride-along with newly minted Wisconsin Poet Laureate Margaret Rozga. After a deep dive into the flooding of the Driftless Area we emerge on the shores of Lake Pepin to meet print- and book-maker Gaylord Schanilec. Contest-winning fiction, poetry, and reviews of new titles by Wisconsin authors round out another exciting issue chock-full of Wisconsin ideas.

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Talking to others about climate change, and listening to what scientists are saying, will help us understand how to be good ancestors.

 One of four undergraduate, student-run presses in the United States, Cornerstone offers students direct experience in every aspect of publishing.

A grain-to-glass philosophy infuses the spirits created at 45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Rushing flood waters carried off large pieces of asphalt and a gate near Glen Marshall Farm on Hwy P in Spring Coulee. Photo by Jon Lee.

For Driftless farmers, the question is not if they will see another flood but when.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Margaret Rozga, 2018. Photo by TJ Lambert/Stages Photography.

While her writing is grounded in the life of her Bay View community, it often reaches out and touches our collective memory.

Print and book maker Gaylord Schanilec in his Stockholm, Wisconsin studio.

Leap. It’s a word that artist and amateur naturalist Gaylord Schanilec uses frequently. In fact, Schanilec lives by the leap, often choosing artistic projects that require him to leap, both technically and conceptually.

Kyle and I arrived at his parents’ house in the early evening. He had barely removed the key from the ignition when his mother, Caroline, appeared at my window.

A crisis of faith and family set in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


Reflections on the Evangelical and technological soul.

The future is all about water. And here in Wisconsin, we’ve got it. The problem is: The rest of the world wants it.

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