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Fiction & Poetry Contests

i was baptized so many times, my familymust not have understood its action as rebirth.instead: accumulation. each time we broke

When I started this final exam reflection/exit essay (which I wonder if you’re even reading) I dialed up the Brahms Alto Rhapsody you played early this semester which you said was so beautiful it made some suicidal writer change his mind, so I gav

Hers is the last vehicle in the funeral home parking lot. Carol makes sure of that before she straps the brass urn with her husband’s ashes into the passenger seat of their pickup truck and sets off for their summer house on Lake Superior.

I tried to read his favoritepoem at my son his funhis fune         read at his funeralhe’d you see died there wasa motorcycle a sunny black motorcycleand red the blood his head was

Before the moon, there was Neptune.And before that, one giant sky rock took

a bite from another, spitting in anger—a wet thud went to Earth who, spinning

What does this life requireof me. A constellationof sharp caution empties: emberscrackle in a nearby firepit. Texturedbranches seduce the night, considerthis was all you ever thought

The origin of every book is loss.There is not a word

in the beginningand language always listens

to its end. Tell mewhat has left its mark

upon the names you give to starsyou cannot see

A video still from the reading

Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine presented a virtual reading on October 24 as part of the 2022 Wisconsin Book Festival. The winners of the 2022 Fiction & Poetry Contests read their winning entries. The event was hosted by interim editor, Christopher Chambers.

To the age of hands and animals laying open the fields,is as far back as I know my family. From a languagethat is my heritage, from a language I cannot readis the marriage record in our family Heilige Schrift.

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