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Wisconsin is rapidly graying. What impact will this have on our quality of life?

Economist Timothy Smeeding, director of the UW-Madison Institute for Research on Poverty, explores the "Great Recession" of recent years and its implications for employment, poverty and inequality in the U.S.

In her Academy Evenings talk, chief economist at the Concord Coalition (Washington DC) and blogger Diane Lim Rogers gives us a fair-minded assessment of the current debate over the federal budget, the widening gap between revenues

The global economy is racked by its worst crisis since the Great Depression. What are the lessons to be learned from the world economic collapse of the late 1920s and how might the current downturn affect our thinking a generation from now?

At first glance the title of my editorial in this issue might seem to be satirical.

Documentary filmmaker Brad Lichtenstein captures the changes in the Janesville community after the closing of the GM plant.

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