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Photo of the book reviewed along with author

A semi-fictional narrative about a slave settlement on Washington Island changes our understanding of Door County.

Photo of Ann Zindler

Ann Zindler reads from her award-winning story, "The Rescue," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Illustration by Laura Ovberg

My father eats braunschweiger sandwiches, thick ones he squeezes tight to hold together. He holds them with the hand that’s missing a finger.

Photo of Jenn Sauer

Jenn Sauer shares a reading of her award-winning story, "Snowglobe Policy," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Bob Wake shares a reading of his award-winning story, "Mudstone," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest. 

Michael Hopkins, the first-place winner of our 2018 Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest, reads his award-winning story, “Static.”

Gwendolyn Rice reads her award-winning story, "Secret Recipe," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Dr. Merton gave Shelby Aronowitz bad news. The pain in her knee was osteosarcoma. They would have to amputate.

The voices were never voices, but more like the memory of sound—an echo off cavernous, sweating walls.

From his kitchen window, Nathaniel Foxx counted six bulldozers in the neighboring cornfield. Or what was left of the cornfield. It began with a For Sale sign that Foxx drove by for months, but ultimately ignored.

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