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Globally we’ve committed to a future of climate disruption and urbanization; the problems are linked, but so are the solutions.

It’s the middle of August and in Madison that means thousands of people are entering into a new commitment—in the form of a lease. A lot of thought about cost, location, and amenities goes into these decisions.

It was a noble effort, the Water Division in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Earnest at Snowbank Lake.

Earnest leaned over the edge of the boat, trying to catch a glimpse of his rod and reel which were lying 20 feet down on the bottom of Snowbank Lake.

Sunset in Wisconsin
When I learned that our two Initiatives interns, Stephanie Dresen and Thomas Foellmi, both grew up in Racine and Portage—Wisconsin cities so defined by water—I asked them to consider what effect that has had on their lives to-date.

An international group of researchers recently published a paper in Science warning that humanity has crossed four of nine planetary boundaries—the biophysical parameters within

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