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Materials from Sandra Byers' studio

A visit to Sandra Byers' ceramic studio in Rock Springs, WI.

Each of the 100 glowing tongues of Voices carries a unique colloquial term. Photo by  Kai Stanecki.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens GLEAM exhibition fuses light and sculpture

An interview with Rafael Francisco Salas about his 2015 exhibition Wasted Days & Wasted Nights.

An interview with artist Craig Clifford about his 2015 exhibition Fragments.

Where some might see a big field of junk, FAST Company owner Darren Schauf sees the lifeblood of his business

An interview with artist Brandon Norsted about his exhibition The Purchase of Deep Water.

LOGJAM features sculpture and prints by​ three artists for whom wood--from saplings and underbrush to massive old-growth stumps--is a primary material.

David McLimans, Photo Credit: Patrick JB Flynn

GONE WILD: David McLimans will include a selection of the artist’s exquisite collages, gently humorous sculptures made with found materials, and sophisticated editorial illustrations.

Rafael Francisco Salas at James Watrous Gallery

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights features several large-scale drawings and two larger-than-life mixed media sculptures that evoke objects of devotion from the Ghent Altarpiece but also allegorically portray Mexican-American culture in Wisconsin.

Working in brilliantly glazed ceramic, Craig Clifford casts found objects and combines them into tableaux in which natural imagery collides with pure kitsch.

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