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social justice

David McLimans, Photo Credit: Patrick JB Flynn

GONE WILD: David McLimans will include a selection of the artist’s exquisite collages, gently humorous sculptures made with found materials, and sophisticated editorial illustrations.

Wisconsin is rapidly graying. What impact will this have on our quality of life?

Wisconsin writer Bill Berry manages to turn one of the state’s most historic—and perhaps longest—environmental battles into what sometimes feels like a fast-paced thriller.

Led by journalist and author Patty Loew, a panel of Wisconsin experts provide perspective on how climate change is changing Wisconsin life and culture.

A panel of Wisconsin experts discusses the latest research on social and informational hurdles to tackling some of the planet's most serious problems.

In the run up to the 2012 fall elections, UW–Madison professors Lewis Friedland and Michael Xenos discuss the role that social media plays in political organizing.

Can victims, their families, and communities—even countries—heal after unspeakable acts of violence?

In Part II of the Wisconsin Academy's "Perspectives on a Post-9/11 World" Academy Evenings event on September 11, 2011, three panelists reflect on the meaning of citizenship in America: Charles Cohen, UW–Madison professor of histo

How do we resolve America's problems in ways liberals and conservatives will embrace?

In Part I of a special series of Academy Evenings talks entitled "Understanding Immigration," UW–Madison history professor Thomas Archdeacon examines immigration in our nation's history and how it compares and contrasts with immigration today.

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