Agriculture as a Climate Solution: Just Add Trees |
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Agriculture as a Climate Solution: Just Add Trees

Climate & Energy Series
Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:15pm

In the third Climate & Energy Series talk, Savanna Institute’s Keefe Keeley and Barbara Decré introduced Wisconsin Academy guests to agroforestry, a natural climate solution that has the potential to transform Wisconsin’s agricultural landscape into a carbon sink. Landowners who use agroforestry integrate trees with other crops and livestock on their land–using techniques such as windbreaks, riparian buffers, and alley cropping. Visit Savanna Institute to learn more about how Wisconsin farmers and landowners are using agroforestry to sequester carbon on their land–and how you can too.

Our 2022 Climate & Energy Series continues to explore how Wisconsin leaders are moving beyond incrementalism to transformational action that communicates clear messages. These conversations are designed to foster discussion and peer learning among experts, practitioners, and climate-concerned community members regarding local solutions to global environmental challenges. Join us for these virtual discussions to build a collective sense of purpose, knowledge, and action as we face the many challenges of our time. See our archive of previous series presentations here.



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As Community Agroforester for Savanna Institute, Barbara Decré works with the Adoption Team to share knowledge about agroforestry practices and develop strong relationships with farmers in southwest Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Keefe Keeley is co-Executive Director of the Savanna Institute. Keefe helps lead the Institute’s work to advance agroforestry as a solution for land, climate, and farming communities. He is passionate about connecting agroforestry and food system work with allied efforts in economic development, social justice, and restoration ecology.

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