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Steps to Transformative Change: Diversity, Equity, and Energy

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 7:30am to 8:45am

The second of three online breakfasts in the Wisconsin Academy's Environmental Breakfast Series features Abby Corso, Chief Strategy Officer, and Delmar Gillus, Chief Operating Officer, of Elevate Energy. The two  speak about how, by incorporating equity and diversity into its organizational structure and projects, Elevate has transformed the way it works as well as provided a blueprint for a more just energy transition.


The theme of our Fall 2020 Environmental Breakfast Series is Steps to Transformative Change, and we will explore how Wisconsin leaders are moving beyond incrementalism to transformational action at the intersections of climate, public health, and environmental justice. These breakfast conversations are designed to foster discussion and peer learning among experts, practitioners, and climate-concerned citizens regarding local solutions to global environmental challenges. Join us for these visionary virtual discussions to build a collective sense of purpose, knowledge, and action as we face the many challenges of our time. See our archive of previous series presentations here.

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Abigail Corso is the Chief Strategy Officer at Elevate Energy, located in Chicago, Illinois. Abigail oversees Elevate’s strategy in developing new programs nationwide in energy efficiency, solar, and planning, including building up existing dynamic pricing and flagship multifamily building retrofit programs.

Delmar Gillus is the Chief Operating Officer of Elevate Energy, located in Chicago, Illinois. As part of the Elevate team, Gillus is responsible for implementing operational, workforce development, and project management processes in support of Elevate Energy’s growing portfolio of clean energy projects.

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