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Dr. J. Val Klump in exploring what is happening in the Great Lakes today and what the future holds for them and for us.

How do different perspectives on Americanism contribute to—or detract from—our shared identity?

Explore the dynamics of building fair labor systems in Wisconsin agriculture

What does the American Dream mean for the next generation?

Can science help us in our pursuit of happiness? 

Health policy changes effect almost every American. So how do we find common ground when it comes to healthcare? 

John Gurda explores how in Milwaukee, as in other American cities, differences became divisions—and how we can work to reconcile the promise of diversity with its abundant challenges.


Join us for a conversation with Madison miniature circus model builder Bill Mattison, who was featured in the winter 2017 issue of Wisconsin People & Ideas.

Join us for a reading and discussion with former Wisconsin Poet Laureate Bruce Dethlefsen.


Join the Wisconsin Academy and Nelson Institute for an evening with Jonathan Jarvis, the director of the National Park Service.

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