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Council and Foundation Members

Officers of the Council
President: Jim Armstrong
President-Elect: Millard Susman
Immediate-Past President: James Perry
Vice President of Sciences: Richard Burgess
Vice President of Arts: Linda Ware
Vice President of Letters: Marianne Lubar
Council Secretary: Claire H. Hackmann
Council Treasurer: Howard Marklein

Leslie D. Alldritt
John Ashley
Mark Bradley
Patricia Brady
Terry Brown
Mary Lynne Donohue
Eric Englund
Reed Hall
Joseph Heim
Jesse Ishikawa
Carol Knox
Ruth DeYoung Kohler
Paul Linzmeyer
LaMoine MacLaughlin
John Mielke
Thomas Pleger
Brian Renk
Tim Riley
Tim Size
Marty Wood

Executive Director
Jane Elder

The Wisconsin Academy Foundation
The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters was founded in 1870 by a distinguished group of Wisconsin citizens. At that time, it was recognized that the work of the Academy would be enhanced by creation of a permanent endowment fund, with the annual earnings to be applied to Academy operations. By 1875, a fund of $5,000 had been established for this purpose by member subscriptions.

During the period 1960-1980, several large bequests, notably from professors Harry Steenbock and Elizabeth McCoy, added substantially to the corpus of this fund. In the 1980's, Ira Baldwin (1895-1999), a renowned bacteriologist and university Vice President, suggested that the endowment funds held by the Academy be protected by the custody and oversight of a separately incorporated foundation, with board members experienced in financial matters.

In 1990-92, Terry Haller, a Madison businessman and Academy Council member, undertook to execute Dr. Baldwin's vision to form the Wisconsin Academy Foundation. Working closely with the Council, this was accomplished in 1992, and a worthy board of directors was recruited from around the state to undertake operations. Mr. Haller served as the first board President, and Dr. Baldwin served as a board member until his 100th birthday. Richard Daniels was hired to serve as the first Executive Director of the foundation. Since its inception, the Academy Foundation has grown about five-fold from an initial one million dollars, and the annual support of the Academy has risen accordingly. This support has been vital to the Academy's mission of connecting people and ideas for a better Wisconsin.

Officers of the Foundation
President: Jack Kussmaul
Vice President: Greg Dombrowski
Treasurer: Howard Marklein
Secretary: [vacant]
Founder: Ira Baldwin

Marian Bolz
Terry Haller
Doug Hoerr
Andrew Richards
David J. Ward

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