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Climate & Energy
January 9, 2019

Most of us have at least some opportunities to reduce our electric usage—and some of us have big opportunities.

Climate & Energy
November 19, 2018

In the wake of the midterm elections, there has been much discussion about how to most effectively make your voice heard in our democracy. As citizens, many of us feel obliged to participate in an...

Massive flooding in Gays Mills on August 29, 2018. (Photo by Erik Daily, courtesy of the LaCrosse Tribune.)
Climate & Energy
October 10, 2018

Rather than waiting for the next disaster, will we start investing in resilience so that devastating floods like the ones that happened this summer don’t become our new normal?

Climate & Energy
June 5, 2018

Right now in Wisconsin, much of the meaningful work in energy planning and climate change mitigation is happening through local government and the businesses and organizations that support their...

Climate & Energy
November 30, 2017

Despite proposed federal withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the U.S. is home to multiple actors working to address climate change locally and as part of the international effort.

Climate & Energy
September 15, 2017

When you turn on the lights or turn up the air conditioner, do you ever wonder what powers up the energy on the other side of the switch?

Panelists address questions at the June 28th Climate Forward 2017 Update media and community briefing event.
Climate & Energy
August 16, 2017

While there is room for growth, local governments are leading the expansion renewable energy and efficiency in communities across Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Farmer’s Lesson on Resilience and Creative Troubleshooting
Climate & Energy
August 4, 2017

I spend a lot of time thinking about how climate change impacts Wisconsin. And that’s not just because it’s part of my job directing the Climate & Energy program at the Academy.

Potholes cost American motorists around $5 billion in damage annually.
Climate & Energy
July 26, 2017

Wisconsin roads – particularly rural roads – are in urgent need of repair.

Climate & Energy
June 9, 2017

Even though global warming is a politically polarizing topic, it’s worth considering some areas of common ground—both figuratively and literally—when it comes to how we manage the carbon dioxide (...

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