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Envisioning Responses to Climate Change

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 7:00pm

In this Wisconsin Academy Talk we explore how tools like scenario-building, storytelling, and the arts can help us better envision our role in prospective responses to climate change.

Panelists include:

  • Mrill Ingram, a Visiting Scholar with at the University of Wisconsin Geography Department and Curator at Upworthy, will discuss how the arts and storytelling provide avenues for communicating about complex concepts like environmental change and help us imagine new ways of responding.
  • University of Wisconsin scientists Chris Kucharik and Steve Carpenter, who are currently leading a NSF-funded investigation using scenario-building to illustrate how our future in Wisconsin will be different depending on the future choices we make. Kucharik and Carpenter will discuss how scenario-building combines science with graphic arts and storytelling to craft potential futures for life in Wisconsin.

This Wisconsin Academy Talk was held on February 3, 2015, in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Lecture Hall. Video provided courtesy of Wisconsin Public Television and University Place.


Stephen R. Carpenter is the S.A. Forbes Professor of Zoology and Director of the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research on lake ecology led to fundamental concepts of trophic cascades, ecological regime shifts, and resilience of ecosystems and the societies that depend on them.

As an environmental geographer, Dr. Mrill Ingram reaches across Wisconsin’s landscapes, connecting the farm field to the street terrace, to champion creative environmental action. The arc of Dr. Ingram’s career embraces sustainable agriculture, academic collaboration, progressive media, and community-based research.

Chris Kucharik is a Professor at UW-Madison in the Department of Agronomy and The Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment.

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