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Book Review

Nikki Wallschlaeger’s latest poetry collection, Waterbaby, invites and resists reading.

Early in Richard Merelman’s poetry collection A Door Opens, a teenage boy appears surrounded by “A sea of images, language, / sensation” exploring sex and violence.

Margaret Rozga’s latest collection consists of poems from three previous collections—200 Nights and One Day, Justice Freedom Herbs, Pestiferous Questions: A Life in Poems—as well as newer poems, some of which she wrote d

After writing Studying Wisconsin, a biography of Increase Lapham co-authored with Paul Hayes, Martha Bergland was looking for another Wisconsin scientist whose life and work deserved more attention.

Nickolas Butler Godspeed Cover and author headshot

Godspeed is a thriller by a writer with considerable literary chops.

The Comfort of Monsters Cover and author headshot

The Comfort of Monsters casts a wide net over a neglected city and its people.

For those of us who have been taking shelter among words during the Covid-19 pandemic, a new collection of Wisconsin poetry created just for the occasion has arrived.

Photo of Anthony Bukoski and his book THE BLONDES OF WISCONSIN

The Blondes of Wisconsin provides an intimate look into the lives of the working-class Polish-Americans who live and love and work in northern Wisconsin. 

Photo of Lauren Fox and her book, SEND FOR ME

A family’s history, like an old jigsaw puzzle, often has missing pieces, stories forgotten or kept secret.

image of author and book cover

A picaresque autobiographical journey that focuses on the simultaneous sense of belonging and dispossession that immigrants and their first-generation children often face.

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