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The voices were never voices, but more like the memory of sound—an echo off cavernous, sweating walls.

The main building of the Modine-Benstead Observatory houses a 16-inch telescope, observation deck, library, and meeting room. Photo by Justin Kern.

Eight times a year the Racine Astronomical Society invites the public to view the skies through two intricate telescopes housed at the Modine-Benstead Observatory.

The view of the confluence between the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers is a good reminder that the health of our lands and people rely upon healthy aquatic ecosystems, resilient rural communities, and clean energy.

Over the last twenty years, the Academy has worked to find promising strategies to address large-scale Wisconsin challenges.

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Jenn Sauer shares a reading of her award-winning story, "Snowglobe Policy," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.


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Karen Loeb reads her award-winning poems from the Wisconsin People & Ideas poetry contests.

Karen recently finished a two-year run May...

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