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Most people in Wisconsin know at least one or two innovative people whose work has transformed our state and the world in some meaningful way. These people—doctor, painter, or poet—are our friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Jason Vaughn: Columbus, Wisconsin, 2013.

Hide is a project that began as a commentary on Wisconsin’s hunting tradition, using deer stands as a metaphor for the changing values of the sport.

Artists and artisans who are preserving craft traditions like harness-making, decoy carving, blacksmithing, papermaking, weaving, and more carry knowledge accumulated from thousands of individuals over hundreds of years. And yet the accumulated knowledge and experience is surprisingly fragile.

Inspired by the many circuses and exotic animal shows that toured and wintered in Wisconsi

When you arrive at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery for the 2012 Wisconsin Science Festival this fall, prepare for a tornado of sound.

A fact-finding research organization, the U.S. Geological Survey is probably best known as the nation’s largest civilian mapping agency.

When a local church or community organization decides to hold a fundraiser, they often try a bake sale or auction.

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