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Nadia Vogt

  • CFF 2019

Nadia Vogt is a Senior Projects Manager with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Nadia works across municipal, private and public sectors to to effectively engage stakeholders in decision making around regional resilience. Nadia led the development of a regional Resilience Plan that lays out a framework for how the Milwaukee metropoitan area can address complex threats for a stronger, more resilient region. Implementation of this plan will make the District's system more resilient to unanticipated flood, rainfall, and infrastructure events. The plan also addresses the needs of 28 municipalities in a comprehensive way that incorporates the triple bottom line of sustainability in order to create and implement a strategic and cost-effective plan that will benefit the Great Lakes community. Nadia specializes in project development that leverages investments in water resources to bring about aditional triple bottom line benefits for communities with a focus on environmental justice populations. Nadia holds a bachelor's degree in History and Sociology and a master's degree in Geography with an Urban Environmental, Urban Waters, and Policy focus, both from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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