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Gwendolyn Rice reads her award-winning story, "Secret Recipe," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Michael Hopkins, the first-place winner of our 2018 Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest, reads his award-winning story, “Static.”

Ann Zindler reads from her award-winning story, "The Rescue," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Karen Loeb's photo

Karen Loeb reads her award-winning poems from the Wisconsin People & Ideas poetry contests.

Photo of Jenn Sauer

Jenn Sauer shares a reading of her award-winning story, "Snowglobe Policy," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Bob Wake shares a reading of his award-winning story, "Mudstone," from the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest. 

Photo of Kathleen Dale

Kathleen Dale shares a reading of her award-winning poetry from a number of Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contests.

Photo of Allison Slavick

Allison Slavick shares a reading of her award-winning fiction. Allison is a two-time first-place winner of the Wisconsin People & Ideas Fiction Contest.

Photo of Lisa Vihos

 Lisa Vihos reads a few poems, including her award-winning work, “Lesson at the Checkpoint,” from the 2015 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

Photo of Hansa Kerman Pistotnik

Hansa Kerman Pistotnik reads “Salvation Doesn’t Come, her prizewinning poem from the 2017 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest, along with a few others.

Photo of Sean Avery

In a pre-recorded presentation, poet Sean Avery shares a reading of their work, including the powerful poem, “Prayer (Song) for Magic,” which won second place in the 2015

Photo of Thomas Erickson

Thomas J. Erickson reads selected poems, including his award-winning poem, “November,” from the 2018 Wisconsin People & Ideas Poetry Contest.

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