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Editors Note

I’ve been thinking about spring lately like most of us, I imagine, in anticipation of sunshine, longer warmer days, and rebirth. I’ve been thinking too about war, and the damage it does to individuals and to us collectively.

Chris Chambers

An opportunity like this only comes around once in a blue moon.

Photo of Jason A. Smith

You might have noticed something different about our cover.

Photo of Jason A. Smith

Do our rural communities have a say in the decisions that affect them?

Photo of editor Jason A. Smith

From a clammy basement office in the Academy’s Steenbock Center, Marieli Rowe ran a nonprofit called the National Telemedia Council.

Photo of Jason A. Smith

At just over $10 billion, or 3.1% of Wisconsin’s GDP, you might think that the arts and culture sector is doing pretty darn well. It's not.

Photo showing a pile of wood.

All of the ash trees in my neighborhood are coming down. 

Got big questions about America? Ask a historian.

My wife once asked me why we print photo essays in the magazine. “Photos are everywhere online and everyone has a camera these days,” she said. “So, why bother?” 

That feeling you get when the taste of something brings back memories of a more carefree time in your life.

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