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Deneine Christa Powell

  • CFF 2022

Deneine Powell, FUSE Executive Fellow with the City of Milwaukee's Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO), has dedicated her career to environmental conservation, climate advocacy, equity and justice. She believes that communities should adopt a human-centered approach to safeguard the rights of the most vulnerable people and to share the burdens and benefits of the climate crisis and its solutions equitably and fairly. Communities with strong climate leadership and innovation can advance climate change solutions.

Prior to joining FUSE, Deneine was the National Director of Path to Positive Communities – a program of ecoAmerica. In this capacity, she provided training, capacity building, program support and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for local and regional leaders to elevate the benefits that climate solutions bring people and their communities, and inspire civic leaders and residents to support solutions at local, regional, and national levels. Deneine also served as the Executive Director for Groundwork Milwaukee, an organization devoted to transforming the natural and built environment of low-resource communities—working at the intersection of the environment, equity, and civic engagement. 

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