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Jerry Apps

Author / Historian

  • Fellow
  • 2012

Thousands of people have learned about Wisconsin’s unique history by reading books written by Jerry Apps. His distinguished career as a prolific author includes more than thirty fiction, nonfiction and children’s books that relate to rural history and country life. Each book offers a vivid slice of rural life in Wisconsin and the Midwest; taken together, Apps’ body of work provides a compelling picture of the history and culture of this state. Apps and his books are truly beloved by Wisconsinites, who view his work as an accurate portrayal of Wisconsin life.

In addition to his work as an author, Apps has generously shared his talents and expertise with others by teaching writing at an array of Wisconsin-based writing schools and workshops. He also works closely with local historical societies and libraries. His commitment to teaching others is demonstrated by his career as a professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and his statewide work with University of Wisconsin–Extension. In these varied roles, he has excelled as a teacher and mentor and in outreach to Wisconsin communities.

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