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Kenneth Cameron

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Kenneth Cameron is Director of the Wisconsin State Herbarium, though his primary laboratory research interests focus on the systematics, evolution, structure, and conservation of orchids (Orchidaceae) based on integrated studies carried out in the field, herbarium, library, and laboratory. Collaborating with others, Cameron to uses genomic data to reconstruct the phylogenetic history of orchids with the ultimate goal of producing a robust and stable system of classification for this diverse and charismatic family. His work has contributed extensively to our fundamental knowledge of orchid biology.

In addition to orchids, Cameron has published studies on the systematics, biogeography, character evolution, and classification of other equally fascinating plant groups. His fieldwork has taken him from Mexico to Ecuador, from Tasmania to Borneo, and from China to New Caledonia, but some of his most memorable plant collecting trips have taken place right here in the United States. Hi is passionate about all aspects of plant biology.

Cameron also teaches the General Botany, Plant Morphology & Evolution and Plant Systematics & Evolution Seminar at UW-Madison.

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