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Lou Host-Jablonski

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Lou Host-Jablonski is an architect with Design Coalition Inc. of Madison. His projects of the last forty-plus years include multi-family housing and co-housing, childcare centers, new homes and additions, community-built projects, community centers and playgrounds, and home modifications for persons with disabilities and chemical sensitivities. Host-Jablonski has always practiced a socially-conscious, ‘public interest’ architecture. His areas of professional focus are resource-efficient (‘sustainable’) design and planning, and environments for children. He frequently lectures and teaches workshops on ecological design and construction practices. With an interdisciplinary team, Host-Jablonskihas been researching and advancing light straw-clay natural building techniques for over twenty years.

Host-Jablonski has lived in the same progressive EastSide Madison neighborhood for over four decades, and served for some years as the chair of its neighborhood association. He has also served on many City of Madison commissions and committees, including the city's influential Urban Design Commission for twelve years, and helped to craft Madison’s “GreenPrint” as chair of the City’s Sustainable Design & Energy Committee.

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